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Fetch data from external sources

How to collect and store data for artificial intelligence models.

In this blog post I will have a look of the first kind of data to use for later ai projects.

In the web there are a lot of picture data sets for object recognition by ai. In this blog I will start with a complete different approach. I will use crypto currency data and try to predict the next day value. more ...

about this blog

This is a short summary about this blog.

The topic of this blog is to describe how to set up a artificial environment without having a large data center or a endless budget.

At the beginning I will have a look at a crypto currency trading portal as first data source. The idea will be to store this data in a own storage. This will be the basic data to build models and play with the different ai solutions. In the future I will also have a look at other interesting datasources.

Based on this data I try to prepare different models to solve the upcoming questions. This will also be done with different artificial intelligence frameworks, existing and new once.

In the third theme of this blog I will have a look how to prepare and show the results and all informations around this in a nice way.