Ruby (on Rails) development

9 years experience in several projects and different requirements.

Go development

Development of a RealTimeBidding Plattform written in Go and running on the Google Cloud Plattform.

Node.js development

Development of a DataProxy for a AdTech Company running in there environment.

Amazon Web Services

Develop and maintain a cloud based telco application to schedule a large set of concurrent calls.

Google Cloud Plattform

Develop and maintain a Mobile RealTimeBidding Plattform for Online Advertisement.


Large set of customer specific applications running on there own infrastructure.


Here are some projects with different development focus.

  • Voice Plattform

    Development of a Voice Plattform to make a large set of concurrent outbound calls. A Twitter per Voice.

    Amazon EC2, S3, SNS, SES
    Ruby on Rails, Phussion Passenger, Apache WS, MySQL
    DelayedJobs, Sidekiq
    REST API Development

    Ruby on Rails, Amazon Web Services
  • Mobile RTB Plattform

    Development of a mobile RealTimeBidding Plattform for data based Advertisement.

    Google Compute Engine
    Go, Ruby on Rails, Phussion Passenger
    Apache WS, Go Webserver
    Redis, Mysql, Kafka, BigQuery

    Rails, Go, Google Cloud
  • Cookie Proxy

    Development of a mobile cookie proxy for a mobile advertisement solution.

    Customer based Infrastructure
    node.js webserver, npm
    http proxy

    Node.js, Server
  • Rails Projects

    Development a set of Rails Applications (Frontend / Backend) to adminstrate customer systems.

    Customer Server
    Phusion Passenger, MySQL, Postgres, Redis, BigQuery, 3rd Party Integration, REST API

    Ruby on Rails, Server

About me

Software Developer since many years.

Marcel Schlimper

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